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Sanbangsan Mountain Cruise Ship Sailing Course

According to the Marine Law Enforcement Regulations, all passengers must complete boarding report and present with ID card.

※ Minors must be accompanied with parents and present document (such as a guardian's identification, family registration document, or health insurance card) to verify parenthood.
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  • 01. Hwasun port (Departure)

    - Vessel Entry/Departure port (boarding platform for passengers with ticket)

  • 02. Vessel Entry/Departure port (boarding platform for passengers with ticket)

    - Hwasun Gold Sand Beach is famous for its gold sand and beautiful scenery of Sanbangsan Mountain. There is a nation’s first spring water pool nearby (2 minutes drive from Hwasun port)

  • 03. Hangmandae

    - Hangmandae coast in Sagaelee is famous for its beautiful scenery. It served as a military port for LST for transportation of troops and supplies during Korean War in early 1950s

  • 04. Sanbangsan Mountain

    - Sanbangsan Mountain is a typical bell shape volcano of 395 m height made of trachyte andesite of low liquidity. It formed its current shape by slowly piercing through the volcanic ash and volcanic sandstones when erupted from the sea in the third period of the Cenozoic and gradually rising. It was designated and protected as Natural Monument No. 182-5 in 1966 and is one of Jeju Island’s 10 scenic views.

  • 05. Namgeunseok

    - Namgeunseok imposingly stands in Sanbangsan Mountain. It is a 10 m high phallic shape rock and people from various places come to pray asking for son.

  • 06. Dragon head coast

    - It was named Dragon head because volcanic tuff was eroded by waves and left the remaining shape that resembles a dragon entering the sea from Sanbangsan Mountain. National Designated Cultural Property Natural Monument [No_526]. At low tide, tour on foot is possible

  • 07. Hamel Merchant Ship

    - Hamel Merchant Ship Exhibition was to built to commemorate Dutch Hendrik Hamel [1630~1692] who had drifted to Jeju Island and the exhibition ship was built in Amsterdam copying after the Sperwer. Documents and materials about Hamel’s drift are displayed.

  • 08. Dansan

    - Dansan is 158 m high oreum (volcanic cone) of camel shape. Since inclusion to Choosa’s banishment road 1 course (road of tenacity), visitors are increasing

  • 09. Brother Island (Sunrise)

    - The most beautiful island in Jeju. There is small sand beach in the main island which has marvelous columnar joint. It is usually submerged and shows up at low tide, and its small islands and rock appear as 3~8 islands depending on watching direction and changes as if illusionary. For this reason, it is best known site for sunrise photo shooting and fishing.

  • 10. Songaksan Mountain

    - Everyone who climbs Songaksan Mountain summit speak out exclamation. It is because of the closely visible Marado Island, the southernmost point, Gapado Island, Brother Island, the towering Sanbangsan Mountain, far-away Hallasan Mountain, the endless Pacific Ocean, wind that washed sea, and green grass that covers ridge. Songaksan Mountain has 104m height, 3,115m circumference, and 585,982m2 area.

  • 11. Crocodile Rock

    - When Songaksan Mountain is watched from onboard, it looks like a Crocodile floating on the ocean

  • 12. Songaksan Mountain’s Camp Cave

    - It was a Japanese navy commando camp to carry out suicidal attach to U.S. LST by submarine or small boat loaded with bombs during the Pacific War.

  • 13. Jeoluly

    - It is a Jeju dialect which means a sound like a clap of thunder, which is made by wave hitting against columnar joint

  • 14. Columnar Joint

    - It was formed when erupted volcanic lava hit against cold surface of ocean, and has horizontal and vertical layers

  • 15. Boar Rock

    - It is a rock at Songaksan Mountain’s west south cliff and resembles a boar

  • 16. Gapado Island, Marado Island (view)

    - Gapado Island and Marado Island are visible from onboard

  • 17. Monkey/Lion Rock

    - At first it looks like a baboon and slowly changes to image of lion’s face

  • 18. Brother Rock

    - Column joint on Brother Rock

  • 19. Toad Rock

    - It resembles a toad, and it is said that praying wishes to it make wishes happen.

  • 20. Hallasan Mountain and Parksoo Cliff

    - The top of Hallasan Mountain and Parksoo Cliff in Daepyongri are visible

  • 21. Turtle Rock

    - It resembles a turtle, and it is said that praying wishes to it make wishes happen.

  • 22. Hwasun port (return)

    - Return to Hwasun port

  • Operation schedule may change subject to bad weather condition or company’s situation. Please confirm in advance.
  • Purchase ticket 20 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Boarding report (provided at site) and ID card are needed to purchase a boarding ticket.
  • Cruise ship is operated for limited number of people and reservation is mandatory. When full, additional admission is not allowed.
  • Call +8264-792-1187~9 for inquiries of reservation, sailing, schedule, etc.