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- How to enjoy Jeju Island!

Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of Jeju Island from the ocean! Sanbangsan Mountain Cruise ship sails around off coast of Sanbangsan Mountain to help tourists enjoy 4 distinct and beautiful seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, of Jeju. Views from off the coast are another beautiful layer of Jeju Island. Enjoy Sanbangsan Mountain Cruise Ship for unforgettable memory ~

- Guide to UNESCO World Geological Park

The Sanbangsan Mountain cruise ship was selected as a partner of the World Geological Park after being evaluated as having the best conditions to promote the geological value and beautiful scenery of Jeju as seen from the sea. Our one-hour cruise includes the Sanbangsan Mountain, certified as a UNESCO World Geological Park, the coast of Dragon Head, and 10 routes of the ‘Swiss-Ole Friendship Route’ which was named by the Swiss Tourism Agency and Jeju Ole Inc., and tourists can enjoy pristine and mystic folding screen like views from the ocean.